In our planet, where environmental destruction is increasing day by day, the responsibilities of individuals and businesses are increasing. Our natural habitats are polluted with our wastes and the pressure on natural resources is increasing day by day due to wrong resource management, many living things are becoming extinct and the balance of the ecosystem is deteriorating. As a result of interactions, these problems are constantly increasing and the dimensions of the destruction are growing. At the center of these problems are human beings with wrong environmental policies and natural resource management.

As Yasmak Hotel Collection, we are trying to carry out our hospitality service in order to keep the service quality above everything else, to adopt and maintain quality as a philosophy of life. Our quality systems in all our hotels have been established with the aim of maximizing the satisfaction of our guests, and we strive to maintain them effectively with the full participation of Yaşamak Hotel Collection personnel.

Our management systems, which are considered as a living system, are regularly audited in terms of suitability, adequacy and effectiveness and are constantly improved in order to ensure the continuity and development of our service standards.

As a result of service quality and customer focus, as a requirement of our sensitivity to continuous improvement, health and the environment, Yaşamak Hotel Collection, in all its hotels;

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System,
  • ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System,
  • It has adopted the Green Star Hotels Standards.

In this context,

We act with the business logic of keeping environmental awareness at the highest level, by respecting nature and the creatures we share it with, by protecting our products and services from possible effects on the environment.

It is our primary duty to fulfill these obligations by following all kinds of legal regulations and environmental laws in order to create a sustainable environment and life.

In order to protect the environment, improve and make the ecosystem sustainable, we follow the studies and new solutions in the world and share them with our staff periodically, aiming for continuous training with environmental responsibility awareness.

With the philosophy of clean production, conscious consumption and environmental protection awareness, we aim to help the planet’s scarce resources to be used in the most efficient way and to reduce the amount of waste, while separating our wastes at the source and contributing to the country’s economy by recycling recyclable wastes such as packaging waste.

We aim to carry out all possible modernizations for energy and water savings, thus giving the least damage to our nature, while saving money and with conscious resource management.

Maintaining a wastewater quality that complies with discharge quality control standards is one of our facility’s greatest responsibilities. In this context, we aim to protect the water resources downstream of the network we are connected to, by acting in accordance with all laws and regulations.

Another goal of ours is to use products with less polluting properties in all chemicals used for cleaning, disinfectant and other purposes in our facility, to keep the amount of use of these products at certain levels, and to make this process sustainable by training the team that will use them.

We would like to inform our guests staying in our establishment about our work on environmental protection and to encourage them to support these activities.

We aim to supply all the requirements of our facility by working with companies that produce environmentally friendly products and services.

We aim to continuously increase our environmental awareness by supporting the environmental projects of various Non-Governmental Organizations, developing projects together and taking part in environmental protection studies.

Our aim;

  • Keeping guest satisfaction at the forefront,
  • Developing mutual trust, respect and love through education and communication,
  • By making continuous improvement studies in cooperation with our suppliers and regional organizations;
  • By protecting human health,
  • Being aware of our responsibilities towards the environment, keeping our wastes under control and reducing the use of natural resources,
  • To provide safe and comfortable environments so that our guests can be peaceful and happy while we host them, without compromising our principles of follow-up and ownership. and while realizing all these, to place environmental awareness at the center of all our work.

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