Our hotel is in a truly pleasant location if you want to take a shopping tour nearby. You can visit the vintage shops in Çukurcuma Street if you really want to get the nostalgic feel of Istanbul, you can wander around in the moving atmosphere of Istiklal Avenue and find yourself going back and forth between the shops of international brands, you can stop by Serdar-ı Ekrem Street to see the shops of many Turkish designers, and if you are looking for a more high-end, luxury shopping experience Abdi İpekçi Street can definitely satisfy your needs.


Experiencing the historical atmosphere in an Istanbul vacation is inevitable and it is full of fascinating locations that will amaze you with their texture. You should take a visit to Tünel district to explore the second oldest subway line in Europe, admire the flawless architecture of Misir Apartment, have a look at St. Antoine Church, the biggest and the most beautiful Roman Catholic church in Istanbul, and finally, you should definitely watch an Istanbul sunset from on top of the Galata Tower.

Art & Culture

One of the most bohemian districts of the city, Beyoglu hosts many art galleries and locations that you should visit in order to get acquainted by the cultural versatility of Istanbul. Pera Museum is the primary location for Orientalism enthusiasts while Salt Galata and Salt Beyoglu give you the opportunity to attend various movies, exhibitions or art performances. You can also visit the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art’s temporary building in Sishane if you’re interested in contemporary art. The Blue Mosque and The Hagia Sophia Museum are also waiting for you to discover and admire them.


It’s not that hard to say that a vacation to Istanbul is not complete without a fun evening and there are a lot of options for any kind of amusement in Beyoglu. In The Flower Passage, you can try out local specialties with local spirits in amusing restaurants, in Asmalı Mescit, you can enjoy either a traditional tavern or a nightclub, in Nevizade Street, you can join the crowd drinking, chatting, and having fun as a whole. Also, you can start your vacation from Taksim Square because of all the restaurants, shops, cafes, pubs, clubs and hotels nearby. And in the Vodafone Arena, you can experience some of the most important sports events of all time.




We Luv Techno! // Volvox

Sónar Istanbul 2019’a gidenler bilir, techno ve EBM türlerini şaha kaldıran performansı ile Volvox geçen yıl festivale damga vurmuştu.



John Malkovich (The Music Critic Show)

Turkcell Platinum Istanbul Night Flight konserler serisi bu sene 4. kez sanatseverleri kucaklayacak ve bu kez sahnede John Malkovich olacak!



Patrice Baumel

2017’de Afterlife plak şirketinden çıkardığı Glutes adlı EP ile techno müziğe adını altın harflerle yazdıran Patrice Baumel, Monkey Project...

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